Did someone just call you fat?

Have you ever heard words from somebody else or in your own mind that seem louder than the thoughts you should be having? I am here to tell you to stop – no I am not your mother. But I know a lot about being bullied for not being a size 0 and I have learnt this new skill that says “Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, you show them who you are”. I know it sounds simple or dumb..but if you really think about it, it’s a big deal.

As a woman I have always believed that we should really support each other and push each other forwards. Beauty comes in so many different shapes, sizes and colors.  Many of us have been struggling at some point in our lives with looking our best..and fat shaming is actually so wrong. We don’t need to tell each other how awful we look, we could be focusing on the good!

Remember though that those words come from a place inside those people’s hearts..hearts that are hurt and are harboring anger. It can also come from people who had bad days and can’t process their feelings properly, they will be pouring that anger out on you.

You can chose though to be the loving one who pours back kind words because love needs to be louder. I know I know it sounds cheesy and I often roll my eyes whenever I come across articles that throw up positivity on everyone.. but honestly speaking..all of a sudden it all made sense to me.

Beauty is more than the way you look, it’s a feeling. When you feel beautiful you can conquer the world! And by beautiful I don’t mean having the perfect blow-out, or the perfect brows, or even the perfect winged liner. All I mean is actually feeling beautiful about yourself.

Now go out there and shine the sparkle of who you are and show everyone that you are not a follower. The world is not a sad place, your heart is sad and it needs to brighten up. That’s how we’ll make the world a better place!

3 thoughts on “Did someone just call you fat?

  1. Are you prepared to roll your eyes? 😉

    I’m one of those people that try to show the bright side of life. Because I see so many sad people, wasting their time, well, in being sad.

    I loved this post and I agree with you. We shouldn’t judge other people, whether it is their size, outfit, or the way they act. We don’t get to the behind-the-scenes, so we don’t know what’s going on. Focusing on the good, as you said, will build confidence and stronger relationships.

    Share the love! 😀


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