If you’re terrible at mastering your time, come and join the club!

Imagine you are a guy named Marion. The love of your life – Princess Pineapple – is trapped in a castle that is guarded by a super dangerous dinosaur named Wooshi. You hurry to save her, but you keep encountering Wooshi’s troops – the grand mushrooms. You want to think of Princess Pineapple as your life goals, the most important thing in the world. The grand mushrooms keep attacking you, requiring your attention, or a distraction if you may.

It’s common sense that if Marion takes his eyes off his princess, all his efforts are for nothing. No matter how strong he may be, destroying all the mushrooms with graceful ease, the distraction takes too long and hence the princess won’t be saved and will most probably die.

Now back to real life..did I draw you a cool picture? Do you catch my drift?

There is a super huge difference between what’s important and what’s urgent. You want to focus on importance and subdue urgency. We are naturally wired to respond to the most urgent issues like phone alerts.. while we like to postpone things that are important like going for a jog. You want to train yourself to reverse all that.

If you take a good look at your daily routine.. what do you do more, things you want or things you’re asked to do? Now.. we have to learn how to say NO sometimes..well most of the time. I know it feels really noble to say ‘Yes’ to everyone who asks you for something..but that’s exactly how you slow yourself down.

You also need to unplug your TV and leave that damn phone down (I am thinking of my husband while writing this.. the man is addicted!). Don’t worry you can do a ton of useful things and still keep up with The Big Bang Theory.

Try to find a way to kill those little annoying sounds that are called notifications. They are instant focus killers.

Sometimes you just have to ignore everyone. Is it rude? Yes. Is it productive? Double yes. You have to allow yourself not to respond to some mails.

Remember that at the end of the day, you are a hero. The hero of your story. You are supposed to make tough decisions, but you will keep going and get things done.

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