Why are you not achieving anything in life?

Okay, guilty charged. I had a ton of stuff to do today and I haven’t done anything, instead I chose to lay on my couch and play Assassin’s Creed since it just got shipped today. I felt good the whole day, but now that it comes close to an end, all the feelings of depression and uselessness feel like a waterfall above my head. I know what the problem is though.. I solved the equation!

“ You can’t do anything unless you stop doing everything” or in other words, try to spend most of your time on the important things that actually matter and the rest takes care of itself. No need to write every single detail in your to-do app. You can actually try these 3 steps that I learnt in the couple of years on this planet:

  • Concentrate on your talents! The time you invest in your talents yield higher returns. It took me 12 attempts to pass a difficult mission in my game today. I hated everything about it, every twisting, soul-sucking minute, however if you throw enough time at something you will actually see results. (Be more responsible than I am and use it for something else..not games)

Anyway the problem is that most of us lead our lives like that mission in the game: doing something we hate, only to go through with it. We can’t of course avoid every chore we get but knowing that how we spend our time compounds itself, so its best if we put it where it matters. Hard work is not necessarily a good thing and it can be a total waste when it’s thrown at the wrong things or in the wrong job!

  • You don’t need permission!

I know that most of our lives revolve around money nowadays, and we tend to think twice before doing something if we don’t get paid. We are actually looking for a convenient, prêt-à-porter way to wealth that exists for our own particular passion. But think about it..do you think that Steve Jobs was successful because he won an interview? Or did he bypass the system and started something by himself?

If you like music, you don’t need to wait for a label to discover you anymore. If you like business, start a company in your garage. If you’re good at something, there is always a way to make it work by yourself and never ever wait for permission! Though you have to be persistent, you have to welcome hard work and sleepless nights. You must focus!

  • Embrace your original self and put a shield around it

It’s sometimes okay to form a shield around yourself and not let anyone in. We often tend to disturb our focus for the most insipid reasons, simply because someone has interfered in your own bubble. To survive and move forward, you need a shield!

I have to say these things are not the easiest to accomplish and it takes a certain level of courage or even naivety for them to work. But use your surroundings to motivate yourself.. it’s okay to feel too young or too hungry..sometimes you need to be a jerk too. It’s actually a good thing to do all this when you’re young since we’re blissfully ignorant and dismissive of some stupid rules.

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