Some brain rewiring..

According to ABC News, the weight loss industry is a 20 billion dollars industry. They say there are 108 million people on a diet now in the US. They say the average person tries 4-5 diets a year, trying to create their perfect body. If you think this information is outdated..because I did – just go on Instagram for a hard hitting data. Try to write in the search box “the perfect body” – do you know what would come up? Images that I can’t even upload here, or it would turn into a pornographic blog.

So according to Instagram, the perfect body is a lot of skin, a lot of inappropriate poses, a lot of selfies and it’s determined on the amount of likes you get on a picture. I don’t have any 100% research and data that says the perfect body is this height, this weight and this body weight, but I believe in something else…

It hit me a while ago when my mom did something so outstandingly amazing that made me realize what a great mother I have. Now don’t get me wrong, I always loved her to bits and we always had a special relationship..but this time was different. It was different because I was sitting here thinking about how amazing this person is and whether she actually knows it. I started thinking about how does my mom view herself? Does she know how awesome she is? What if I personally view myself a certain way that is completely different than how people view me? Or worse, different than how I actually am.

I realized that all I do lately is comparing how I look to how other people look and that’s how I decide my worth – imagine how my confidence curve went south.

But check this.. the perfect body should be coming from inside out, not from the outside in. A number on the scale, your pants size – these numbers don’t say anything, they don’t say what’s the perfect body.

You gotta stop comparing yourself to other people, whether you want to wear sweat pants or a mini skirt to the grocery store – that doesn’t define you. Who you are, is who you get to be in this life. The body that you are blessed with, guess what, you don’t get to switch that with anyone else. You must stop wasting energy and time looking at other people and wanting what they have, because you can’t have it. Who you are is who you are supposed to be, and nobody else gets to be with you, and that’s your super power.

You have to love who you are and love what you’ve got. You should love you, because you can’t give other people what you aren’t willing to give yourself: self love, self respect, self confidence. Why are you looking at getting it from other people? It should come from inside. The relationship that you have with yourself is the longest relationship you’re ever gonna have. Good one right?

So you know what, it’s not selfish to love who you are. It’s not selfish to take care of you, it’s actually your responsibility.

You must stop saying that you’re tired the second you get out of bed. Your day hasn’t even started. Your tired? From sleeping? We are who we say we are, so why is it ok with us to talk so negative to us. You are worrying about people bullying other people, what about the bullying you do to yourself?

When you get out of your shower stop the “I’m so fat” and the “I need a flatter belly”, and start with loving who you are and what you have accomplished.


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