The 4 personality types: Optimistic and Social

As promised, I will share my 4 personality types experiment with all of you. To keep it short, I read about it, I was interested, I tested it for 3 years on everyone I came across, now I have a lot of data. But before all that, I want to tell you that it works. This whole concept is more than just a theory, it’s such an important skill that if we learn thoroughly, you will never ever have a problem with a difficult boss, a rude child or an annoying neighbor.

I want to start with the Optimistic and Sanguine type. I met several ones in my life, some have it as a dominant type, and it’s visible every single day of their life, others seem like it a little less often. To make it easier to refer to, I will be talking about my friend’s 21 year old brother whose dominant type is Optimistic and Social and his name is Ed.

The good part 

Ed is always the heart of any gathering or outing, sitting with him never gets awkward and if you sit with someone and it’s awkward, Ed will come and rescue you in the most elegant, fun way ever. Ed is your go-to person when you want to party and he is the one you run first with big news because he can get incredibly excited for you, he is supportive, encouraging and incredibly social. Ed has a passion for entertainment, music, dancing and loves fantasy books. His common sense is high, and he is usually very rational, practical and flexible.


The bad part 

Ed is the type of person who doesn’t really penetrate the depth of a relationship, or the essence of things in general. He is satisfied with the surface of things and unfortunately it affects his work because he loses focus very fast due to new interests arising every minute. He avoids hard work, because it requires deep thought, something he isn’t used to. Ed has his unstable moments and people who don’t understand him can get easily disappointed. Ed had huge problems with his overly attached girlfriend since she is literally, the exact opposite of him.

Ed has a high sense of self importance and craves attention. He finds a pure childish joy and satisfaction in his personal appearance, he loves to admire himself in the mirror and is very susceptible to flattery. Since Ed doesn’t like the depth of things, he could considered rather distant in relationships and his feelings change often and he often talks a lot with no action.

Ed’s family doesn’t always trust his decisions since they often lack deep knowledge and understanding and he tends to take success for granted.

Value at work 

Ed befriends everyone at work and usually knows how to charm everyone, including management. He is however, compliant, obedient, honest and doesn’t feel offended when being corrected. He is an awesome coworker because he knows how to get out of trouble and does not long over unpleasant situations.

How to deal with Ed

Point to where the party is! Ok now I feel like I’m making Ed sound really shallow..but it does sum up handling him.

Whenever Ed is around, I don’t speak about any sad stories because I know he will leave in 5 minutes and I don’t want that to happen because I love when he is around. Whenever Ed speaks, I listen intently and make sure to take everything he says lightly and with a smile on my face. If one day I feel incredibly sad and have no other option than talk to Ed, he listens..but I make sure to end the conversation with laughter, like making fun of how I look when I cry.

I make sure to make Ed feel accepted because even if he doesn’t say it, I know his inmost need is acceptance. I avoid judging or criticizing him and if I feel the need to, I try to do it with a hug and tons of appreciation and love.

Whenever I meet Ed, he usually has a ton of stories to tell, some I heard about 50 times before, but I always sit down and take the time to listen. Honestly, their way of telling stories is just hilarious.

I like to help Ed with organizing his schedules, not because I am a Project Manager, but because I know he doesn’t put much importance on it and usually needs reminders.

This is Ed nature, and with all of this, he is one of my favorite people in the world and I wouldn’t change a thing about him.

Ed could be your spouse, your friend, your child, your boss. Whoever he/she is..try this stuff out and see if it works.

Now, not everyone is as intense as Ed, and probably some are even more intense than he is, but at the end of the day they all narrow down to the same set of interests.

Thanks for reading!

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