The 4 personality types: What are they and how to handle them!

Studies show that there are 4 ultimate personality types and every single one of us is a different mix of these 4, one of them being the dominant one. Once I came across this theory, I got intrigued and thought I would test it! I analyzed and analyzed all people I came across and guess what: IT WORKS!

You can actually categorize people into 4 dominant types, we all have a little bit from each type, but at the end of the day each one of us can be categorized into a dominant type. You can’t think of a fifth one trust me.. I tried. I figured that people with a certain dominant type of personalities have similar overall needs in life, they can be handled in pretty much same way, they act similarly when angry, happy, hungry etc. This equation actually works. I tried it at work and home..and it helped me better understand the people around me and how to deal with each one of them – how to scratch where it itches.

After long, long, long testing and a lot of data from my day to day experiment which took roughly 3 years, I came here to create a series called “The 4 personalities” and talk about each type in an individual post.

I will tell you how to spot a type, how to find the signs, how to anticipate their intentions, read their minds and how to make them happy. Stay tuned =)

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