I am an overthinker

I set unrealistic goals that only fantasy characters would achieve then judge myself for not achieving them, and then eventually fall into a depression loop. I suck at enjoying the moment and I’m prone to feeling regret.
If you’re anything like this, you probably know the theory that proves how wrong we are, but it’s almost impossible to incorporate it in our daily routines and actually change how we view life.
So I am writing this here, to remind myself of some conclusions I gathered from my last travelling experience. I saw a whole lot of people from so many backgrounds and cultures and I have seen myself in so many of them..and I hated it. I saw myself in 5 years, 10 years and 50 years – just terrible!
There’s nothing wrong with having goals, but turning into a constant goal chaser isn’t the healthiest; we become constantly busy even if we have nothing to do, we are always in a rush, even if we don’t have a dead line. We forget to breathe.
Once we achieve a goal, we get bored, we look for another, and another ..and another and it never stops. Society taught us this, we went from grade 1 to grade 2 to grade 3 and we’ve been taught that we’ll make it once we pass high-school, then we’ll make it once we’re done with college, then we’ll make it once we buy our first house, and then we’ll reach financial freedom when we’re 50..and in the end, on your deathbed, you realize you never made it because goals do that to us and that’s how we’re trained.
I personally decided to make a change, and stop wanting to be a goal chaser that keeps taking away from the power of now, the power of what I’ve already created and the power of the gratitude that I have for this moment.
Success for me is today, what happens today, how am I living today. Am I passionately living today? I am really doing what I really want to do? If I am doing that..then everyday is a success.
I decided to change from living a goal based life to a value based life. I picked a set of values that I follow and I am happy. I don’t feel that I need to get somewhere to feel fulfilled or happy and I know that I already feel much more confident.

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