The 4 personality types: Short-tempered and irritable

As promised, I will share my 4 personality types experiment with all of you. To keep it short, I read about it, I was interested, I tested it for 3 years on everyone I came across, now I have a lot of data. But before all that, I want to tell you that it works. This whole concept is more than just a theory, it’s such an important skill that if we learn thoroughly, you will never ever have a problem with a difficult boss, a rude child or an annoying neighbor.

You can find the article on the Optimistic and Social personality type here.

Today I want to talk about the proud, extroverted alphas of our species. I think I said enough for a couple of people to come to your mind already; the main reason being that this type of people are always ‘out there’, bold and can easily be remembered. The person who often takes a win-lose approach to life: the executive (I like this word, I will probably refer to this personality type as “the executive” this whole article).

The good part 

The executive is often practical and direct, however still shows interest in people. Have you ever told a story to someone and they kept asking impatiently “ok..whats the bottom line?” Now that’s an executive at his/her best. As you probably guessed by now, they are the leaders in groups, due to the confidence they exude in their ability to make decisions; they are active and need results and challenges, otherwise they become bored.

Executives love to feel free to find motivation and are prone to turn any situation into a competition; they are strong-willed, decisive, independent and self-sufficient. The best part though is how they are not easily discouraged at all and can be dead unemotional when necessary. An executive boss sets goals, stimulates activity and insist on productivity while seeing the whole picture with a very goal oriented attitude.

The bad part 

If by now you already have an executive in mind, then you can fill this paragraph yourself! Thanks to their loud voice and confidence, their weaknesses are easily visible as well.

Probably the most annoying part about an executive is the bossiness and the impatience; the quick temperament and love for inflexible and uncomplimentary arguments can get on anyone’s nerves. Unfortunately, an executive husband or wife can get insensitive to emotions and become generally unsympathetic, not to mention the tendency to be rude, tactless and manipulate.

An executive friend can be demanding and believe that the end justifies the means and don’t be too surprised if they attempt to use or dominate you, mainly by making decisions on your behalf.

Value at work

Executives are some, if not the most valuable parts of a company. They are confident, decisive and won’t take no for an answer. Although an executive employee can have a hard time submitting to a boss or a manager, he/she can actually be an amazing contribution if delegated enough decision making tasks.

An executive employee or colleague shouldn’t be confronted for liking to take charge; they should be appreciated and granted enough freedom, for they have the ability to observe a situation and develop a solution right away.

Executive parents 

My father is an extreme executive and has a very authoritarian attitude towards life – I wouldn’t do the same with my kids, given that I am an executive myself. My dad likes things just so and likes us to be where he wants us to be, doing what he wants us to do. That attitude is not exactly nourishing, especially during teen years.

If you’re an executive parent, relax a little and let flexibility enter your world. Instead of controlling and dictating your kid what to do, work on your trust issues instead. Once you reach a good level of trust, give them freedom and let them be. An executive parent tends to frighten their children, causing them to lie and cover their deeds – and that’s really worse than anything in the world!

A wrap up 

Handling an executive can get challenging and no one really has enough patience with them; however it’s not as hard as we (or they) like to make it seem. Just be relaxed and flexible, let them be and give them a situation that needs a solution. Gaining the trust of an executive really pays off, and they are an incredible addition to your circle.




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